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Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle OnassisAristotle Onassis Business Magnate

Aristotle Socrates Onassis (1906–75) was an Argentine-Greek shipping magnate. He amassed the world’s largest privately-owned shipping fleet and became one of the world’s richest and most famous men. He was sometimes called the β€œGolden Greek” for his Midas touch in business.

Born in Smyrna, modern-day Izmir, Turkey, Onassis’s prosperous family was a tobacco merchant. In 1922 during the Greco-Turkish War, the family fled the city to Greece and lost almost everything. Onassis moved to Argentina in 1923 and established himself as a tobacco trader and later a shipping owner during the Second World War.

Onassis' rise to the pinnacle of fame andΒ wealth was unlikely. He was born to a merchant family that lost everything in the aftermath of World War I. After relocating from Greece to Argentina as a virtual refugee, Onassis managed to enter the tobacco importing business and by the age of 25 had become a millionaire.

Aristotle Onassis Rise to Power

In Buenos Aires, Onassis became a nightshift switchboard operator and built a prosperous tobacco-importing business during his daytime hours. In due course, he started to manufacture cigarettes. During the Great Depression, Onassis bought six Canadian freight ships at a bargain price, acquired oil tankers, and launched a shipping business. It grew into one of the world’s largest independent merchant fleets.

Onassis was also a pioneer in the construction of supertankers. In the mid-1950s, he secured oil-shipping arrangements with Saudi Arabia and engaged in whaling expeditions to supply the Japanese market. He was also the founder of the Greek national airline, Olympic Airways (1957.)

Onassis became known for his marriage to Athina Mary Livanos 1946–60 (daughter of the shipping tycoon Stavros G. Livanos) andΒ Jacqueline Kennedy.Β 1968–75 (the widow of American PresidentΒ John F. Kennedy.) Onassis had an affair with famous opera singer Maria Callas.

Onassis Krown was inspired by two figures; one real and one fictional. The "Onassis" comes fromΒ Aristotle OnassisΒ who was once considered the richest man in the world and marriedΒ Jackie KennedyΒ years after her late husband, President John F Kennedy, had passed. They both were known for their luxurious sense of style & fashion!

Aristotle Onassis the Fashion Tycoon

The other comes from the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" played by Pierce Bronson (former James Bond). The character Thomas Crown was a wealthy billionaire with a strong fashion sense and swagger who was an adventure-seeker, business mogul and ladies man! He stole a priceless painting from an art museum and then returned it just for the fun/challenge of it. Thus was born Onassis Krown spelled with a "K" to represent Knowledge & Kings and to give it an urban flair!

As a combination of these two figures, it is designed to inspire the wearer that anything in life is achievable but to remember to always have fun in the process of pursuing your dreams!Β "If you like the finer things in life... it's OK!"Β - Onassis Krown

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