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Krown Coaching, Counseling & Consulting

Krown Coaching, Counseling & Consulting

Certified Life Coach

My passion has always been to help people. My goal now is to help build Kings & Queens in their quality of life, relationships and/or businesses.Β I've been blessed to have created a 7-figure online brand at Onassis Krown that is 90% automated allowing me to focus on the things I find most rewarding like helping individuals reach their fullest potential as a Life Coach, couples create the relationship they truly desire as a Marriage Counselor and small businesses & entrepreneurs thrive as a Business Consultant.

Many coaches can "talk the talk" but none have "walked the walk" quite like Lateef. Lateef overcame a rough childhood upbringing in the South Bronx & Miami exposed to issues of infidelity, blended family, substance abuse, domestic violence & divorce to create a high-quality and fulfilling lifestyle through hard work, perseverance & the seven jewels.

Now as a Certified Life CoachΒ for over a decade based in Jacksonville "First Coast" FL but serving the nation remotely, he uses his vast experience as a Naval Officer, Serial Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Realtor & Real Estate Investor, Top Sales Leader & Trainer, Author, Yogi, Husband and Father of 4, to not only deliver textbook expertise but real-life personal experience to help clients in ways other coaches simply cannot.

Whether it’s helping individuals or couples with counseling on improving marital relationship, improving communication, controlling emotions, obtaining healthy tools to incorporate, getting parenting strategies, overcoming addiction, improving health through diet & exercise, improving overall quality of life, obtaining a better work-life balance or achieving a complete personal transformation.

Although, I only speak English, as a veteran, I've traveled the world, lived in many cities & states and have worked with people of different ethnic, social, economic & cultural backgrounds and thus have a better understanding and respect for how to approach matters catered to each client. Let me help you in your personal growth, marriage counseling or business consulting.

Lifelong Transformation Coach

We also help professionals advance their careers, increase sales revenue, image consulting, create company culture, provide motivation for company event/function or start/grow businesses, Lateef has the background to help you achieve tangible results! I will work with clients on an hourly basis but for true transformation prefer to enroll clients in a personalized program from 30-90 days that tracks progress:

β€’ The Scarab SystemΒ© (30 days)

β€’ The Butterfly EffectΒ© (60 days)

β€’ The Phoenix ProjectΒ© (90 days)

We provide consulting with businesses and their staff offering a variety of fine-tuned workshops focused on topics such as:

  • Increasing sales production and cross-selling.
  • Financial planning, retirement and goal setting.
  • Holistic living, family and work-life balance.
  • Mindfulness, self-awareness, meditation & the benefits of yoga.
  • Time management, organization and efficiency.
  • Team building and building trust among co-workers.
  • Inspiring ethical leadership and leading by example.
  • Overcoming fear and reaching organization's greatest potential.
  • Improving communication and establishing accountability.
  • Dealing with constant change and making the most of it.
  • Building company culture that workers believe in.
  • Motivation and how to maintain momentum.
  • Leveraging social media and how to get the most from it.
  • Improving team morale, rewarding employees and making work fun.


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You can get a second opinion of our service by finding us on Thumbtack to see our reviews:Β 

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Keynote & Motivational Speaking

We begin by researching the company or organization I’m speaking with and ensuring I understand what type of presentation they’re seeking. My goal is to find out in advance:

  • The purpose or mission of the organization
  • The purpose and theme of the conference
  • Any special challenges the organization is currently facing
  • Recent accomplishments of the organization
  • Who will be the other speakers at the event
  • Who have been previous keynote speakers? What worked? What didn’t?
  • Demographics of the audience
  • Examples of the work produced by attendees

I like to discuss this information with, not only, the event organizer but also several of the intended participants. I may even reach out to previous attendees if this is a yearly event to learn about their experiences. I review the organization’s website, the event website from this year and previous years and any printed marketing materials I can get access to. In the end, the more I’m able to learn about the audience and the organization, the better prepared I am, and the more successful the presentation!

After My Research, I Customize My Keynote!

Generally, my opening attention-getter is based on the information I learned. My research is also used to customize all my examples. I often include examples that are drawn directly from the participant interviews. By using participant examples, the presentation then reflects the language and experiences of the organization. Every organization has its own style and I want to ensure I reflect that style!

Unfortunately, many of my peer speakers don’t realize there’s a difference between each type of presentation. That’s why I always include a definition section in my proposals so that I communicate my understanding of the various types of addresses available to the organization. I always begin with, β€œIf your team could somehow magically change overnight, what is it that you’d want them to know, say, or do differently?”

As Keynote Speaker, I’m able to capture the essence of the meeting and am able to highlight it to the audience in a short period of time. I’m able to mold the presentation into a unique and distinctive moment just for your audience! I may use humor, audience participation, stories or even get into β€œcharacter.” No matter, what the organization’s niche is, I weave my keynote message into their program in a memorable and fun way!

Unless you live in our vicinity, we do remote consultations. Contact us via email for a free 10-min session to see if we’re a good fit for your goals. Perspective is imperative in life; don't lose sight of how far you've come or through away what you've achieved already by not taking action or making impulsive decisions in the moment.

"What lies before you and what lies behind you are tiny matters compared to what lies WITHIN you!"

***We do not accept Insurance***


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* A portion of proceeds from all of your purchases goes towards causes near & dear to our hearts here at OK which are supporting those coping with substance abuse issues and helping those in domestic violence situations.

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