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Supreme Clothing Brand

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Supreme Streetwear Fashion

Supreme Fashion Streetwear

Supreme is anย American clothingย and skateboarding lifestyle brand established in New York City in April 1994. The brand aims to appeal to youth culture in general as well as the skateboarding and hip hop scenes specifically. The company makes skateboards in addition toย clothingย andย accessories.

Their clothes are designed to appeal to young people, especially toย hip-hop, skateboarding, and punk rock culture fans. The apparel selection offered by Supreme guarantees that every individual with an appreciation forย streetwearย finds the perfect item.

Who Ownsย Supreme

The brand was founded by James Jebbia in 1994. The first Supreme store opened in an old office space onย Lafayette Streetย in Lowerย Manhattanย in April 1994.ย It was designed with skaters in mind with a unique design for the store layout: by arranging the clothes around the perimeter of the store, a large central space permitted skaters with backpacks to skate into the store and still feel comfortable.ย 

History of Supreme

This store had its core group of skaters who served as its team in 1994,ย which included late actorsย Justin Pierceย andย Harold Hunter, and the first employees were extras from theย Larry Clarkย filmย Kids.ย Jebbia explained that he opened Supreme in lower Manhattan because at the time there was nowhere else to buy skate products in the area. He focused primarily on more obscure, harder-to-find items and credited theย open-mindednessย of skaters with the brand's ability to take risks.

In 2004, a second location was opened onย North Fairfax Aveย in Los Angeles, California, which is nearly double the size of the original New York City store and features an indoor skate bowl.ย Other locations include Paris, which opened in 2016, London, which opened in September 2011, Tokyo (Harajuku,ย Daikanyamaย andย Shibuya),ย Nagoya,ย Osaka, andย Fukuoka.ย The additional locations emulate the original Lafayette Street store's design; stores feature rotating art displays, and use videos and music to attract attention.

Supreme stocks its own clothing label, as well as other skateboard brands such asย Vans,ย Nike SB, Spitfire Wheels, andย Thrasher, among others.ย James Jebbia was quoted in saying that anything that Supreme releases will never be classified as "limited," but notes that they make short runs of their products because they "don't want to get stuck with stuff nobody wants."

Supreme releases two collections each year. Instead of offering the entire line at once, the brand releases a few pieces online and in-store from the currentย seasonโ€™s collection everyย Thursday.

In October 2017, Supreme opened their 11th store and second in New York City in theย Williamsburgย neighborhood ofย Brooklyn.ย On October 6, 2017, James Jebbia confirmed that the label had sold a significant stake in the company of roughly 50% (around $500ย million) toย private equityย firmย The Carlyle Group.ย On February 25, 2019, Supreme moved their original Manhattan location from 274 Lafayette Street to 190 Bowery.

Supreme opened its 12th store onย Market Streetย in San Francisco in October 2019.ย In 2019, a collection of every Supremeย deckย ever produced sold for $800,000 at aย Sotheby's auction.

In November 2020,ย VF Corporationย announced that they agreed to buy Supreme in an all cash deal for US$2.1ย billion.ย VF Corporation bought out the investors Carlyle Group and Goode Partners LLC, as well as founder James Jebbia. According to VF, Jebbia will continue to manage the business.

The 13th store of the company opened on May 6, 2021, in Milan.

Supreme Reviews

Anytime a company has been around as long as Supreme has there will be mixed reviews. In general, they have good reviews. Most customers seem pleased with their actual products but most complaints seem to be centered around their customer service. That said, here are what some other sources state:ย 

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