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WRLDINVSN | World In Vision Clothing Brand

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WRLDINVSN Clothing Brand


Wrldinvsn is a black-owned clothing brand owned by two friends Nicholas Clark & Marlon Watts. They provide original designs and branded fashion apparel for urban youth, who feel stagnant and trapped by what their environment tells them the can or can't do.Β They say theyΒ started their clothing brand as freshmen in high school (2010), they graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2018, and they decided that this was whatΒ they were doing for their careers. As we always do here at Onassis Krown, our goal is to help build and celebrate Kings & Queens. Read more about WRLDINVSN...

History of WRLDINVSN

According to their website, the brand became a LLC in 2014, after both had graduated high school, with a shortened name to mirror companies like Gucci. The combined WI symbol began to circulate on their website and social medias as the official logo of WRLDINVSN.

College, for Clark and Watts, was the obvious next step. The feat of creating an original brand mounted onto the challenge of being the first generation to go to college weighed heavily upon Clark and Watts.

β€œWe made it day-to- day,” Clark said. β€œWe come from the inner-city. We wanted more for ourselves. I went to college to show people that you can finish. Even if you don’t know anyone who has finished, you can.”

Living together in college but spending their days in different spheres of
campus, Watts and Clark never stopped collaborating and designing. Watts played four seasons as a receiver for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, while Clark spent long days in the art building learning to be a graphic designer.

Football helped Watts shape his leadership skills and gave him more infuence on campus to reach a greater variety of the student body with their vision and brand.

β€œFor my team, I am the leader of the group,” Watts said. β€œI look for ways to get better. When people wear this brand, I want people to think excellence.”

Watts manages the numbers, team management, paperwork and marketing for the brand so that Clark can handle the materials, website and designs. The balance of logistics and visuals allows the pair of best friends, roommates and business partners to use their strengths to produce the quality of excellence they desire and strive to present to the community.

β€œWe want to be leaders and role models,” Watts said. β€œI want to spark positivity.”

Watts and Clark were presented a unique outlet to use what they have learned with WRLDINVSN and further inspire younger students. They were able to enter a charter school in Shreveport for two hours every other week and work with six students.

β€œWe designed a shirt together with the design β€˜DREAM BIG,’” Clark said. β€œWe made the shirts, and, then, the students have to sell twenty-four of the shirts. We are new to this too, and we are trying to gure things out.”

Even while juggling athletics, school and the business, Watts and Clark began to hit their stride within the community of Ruston and Louisiana Tech. In 2016, however, they reached a fork in the road of their success which caused them to question whether they should continue their brand or not.

β€œWe just wanted to have a good day,” Watts said.

During a trip to Atlanta, the day began with a flat tire in downtown Atlanta and ended with a car robbery. All of the WRLDINVSN merchandise and most of all, Clark’s laptop with his designs, were stolen that day.

β€œEverything was taken,” Watts said. β€œWe asked, β€˜Should we wrap it up? Should we do this anymore?’” The incident left Clark and Watts completely torn between two options: a possibly phased-out vision or following their own individual futures. They discussed that night whether the vision they bought into as 14-year-olds was worth risking everything for one more time.

β€œAt the end of the day, the situation was not going to change,” Clark said. β€œSo at the beginning of the next year, we started fresh and bought a new laptop. We figured the brand could be special because of us, and that was going to make us different.”

Watts and Clark have graduated from Louisiana Tech University and is now focusing on their brand full-time. They are planning to expand their brand to women, children and activewear. With the expansion of clothing lines, they are able to share their story and vision with more people.


Wrldinvsn has fairly strong reviews on facebook and online. Based on online research andΒ 12Β WRLDINVSN reviews,Β WRLDINVSN's overall scoreΒ isΒ 4.1Β out of 5 stars according to Knoji. WRLDINVSN's review score is based on WRLDINVSN's customer ratings, its brand popularity, its price competitiveness, as well as the breadth and quality of features it offers to customers.Β 

Activate YOUR VSN

WRLDINVSN has a strong YouTube following upwards of 49K subscribers and they have another platform called Activate Your Vsn in which they try to help smaller clothing brands and businesses grow. TheyΒ give the ins & outs of running a 7-figure clothing brand, how they got to where they are, what they are doing now, and how subscribers can skip through the mistakes they made and become SUCCESSFUL.

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