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The Mystic Jesus Christ

Yeshua is the real name of Jesus... so what does Yeshua mean? We call Yeshua, Jesus, due to Greek translations and an replacement of Y with J. Yeshua is the original Hebrew name of Jesus Christ who originally taught that mystic Christianity is the way to Christ Consciousness! Yeshua is the more common spelling of Yehoshuah which means God is Salvation.

The Book on Yeshua

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The original Jews spoke Aramaic and Jesus the Christ was a title meaning the anointed. More importantly, Jesus taught that Christ Consciousness was a mystic path to Truth attainable by all when he stated "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You!" This book, inspired by William Walker Atkinson, begs the question:

"Will the REAL Jesus Please Stand Up?”

How to Attain Christ Consciousness

Most know Jesus Christ's true name is Yeshua and no historical figure has been more studied, scrutinized and examined. Yet most of what we have learned has been told strictly through the written works of the Bible. Many Christians today take this book to be the written word of God. However, anyone who has truly studied history and the Bible know that much has been altered and misinterpreted over time through language translations and the intentional "revisions” of church priests, Caesars and councilmen with less than best intentions. The Council of Nicea was anything but unanimous much less "noble." Those who refused to accept Caesar Constantine's efforts were threatened and/or killed.

• This book about Jesus is an effort to tell the most accurate depiction possible from an eastern mystic point of view.

Unfortunately, the Orthodox church has attempted to make sense of and elaborate on metaphysical matters they hardly understood. Some call this occultism, gnosticism, kabbalism or secret esoteric doctrine but the yogis state this is ancient wisdom that has always been available to the sincere Truth Seeker!

• This work was written in an honest effort to expound on the mystical interpretation of Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus Taught Self-Realization

To remain as authentic as possible we’ve made an effort to present Jesus in a way that is most likely accurate to the culture and climate of his times. Firstly, we’ve decided to address Jesus by his Aramaic birth name of Yesoshuah in which the more common alternative spelling is Yeshua. Yeshua of course means "God is Salvation.”

Yeshua known as the Son of God proclaimed "not to throw pearls before swine” because those that don’t understand and appreciate the True meaning will merely "trample” on the message. He often spoke in parable and this presentation will seek to shine the Light on the Eternal Truth of man’s spiritual Being! The Christ Consciousness was a state of being and enlightened that Yeshua had to attain in his lifetime as well as prior lives. He likewise taught his disciples the path to attain his state through yoga practice and Self-Realization.

This book makes for a great, personal gift to someone you love to inspire, uplift and educate.

"Many rivers... One Ocean; many branches... One Tree; many paths... One Destination; many stories... One Truth!"

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