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TRDMRKD by God T-Shirt

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Trademarked by God Shirt

Ever feel like you needed a sign from God just to figure out how to survive this world, make a big decision or to simply fit in? Well, this incredible shirt is the best reminder you could ever have. This TRDMRKD by God Tee is a great conversation starter and more importantly, inspiration for yourself and others that you were Divinely made and God doesn't make any mistakes! 

Sign from God T-Shirt

"For those unafraid to be their one of a kind selves... it's OK!" Out of billions of people on this earth, there is only one you! Each of us are special and unique. You never have to try to be like someone else because no one can be a better you than you. This is a confidence building shirt that while we may all be works in progress, you are already loved as you are! 

Mood: God Bless

God's Trademarked Tee

Shirt has the incredible trademarked logo along with a fingerprint graphic to remind you that no one in the world shares the same fingerprint as you which proves you are inherently and divinely special. It has the official Onassis Krown signature on the front chest over the heart and the vertical, angel wings spinal cord logo on the back. If you don't see the Onassis Krown label on the inside then it's NOT official!  This is one of the best spiritual t-shirts of all time!

Place the end of the tape beside the collar at the top of the tee (Highest Point Shoulder). Pull the tape measure to the bottom of the shirt.

Place the end of the tape at the seam under the sleeve and pull the tape measure across the shirt to the seam under the opposite sleeve.

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