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Riverboat Brawl T-Shirt

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Montgomery AL Riverboat Brawl Shirt

Step into history with our one-of-a-kind Montgomery Riverboat Brawl T-Shirt Collection, capturing the spirit and intrigue of the unforgettable and now viral, Alabama Riverfront clash. Show your support for unity, peace, and resilience in our vibrant & hilarious community!

Riverboat T-Shirt Highlights

Dive into the Scene: August 5th will go down in history as the unforgettable day that social media won't let us forget of chaos, unity and making ancestors proud!

Cap Toss: By now everyone knows about the Blue cap toss from the ship boat co-captain as a distress signal. We don't know just yet why the Capt. threw his cap into the air. Was it intended to be a distraction? Was he just being animated or did something else inside him call out for help? Maybe one day we'll know but for now it has become a symbol as a call for backup!

Yibambe: Yibambe in Xhosa, a language which originated in South Africa, means hold Fast, it has also been said to roughly mean hold Strong. Yibambe, that's the battle cry T'challa chants as Black Panther in Wakanda before the outriders are led inside the shield. This is the call of the ancestors to all those on the physical plane that help is on the way!

Aquamane: This is just one of the many hilarious monikers given to the young Black teenager who literally jumped from the Riverboat and swam across the river to the aid of the ship captain. He has been jokingly called the first Black man to swim to a fight!

Boardwalk Skip: This is another iconic moment where some young, shirtless brothers skip across the boardwalk, pulling up their pants as they prepare to engage in battle!

Folding Chair: Of course everyone has seen the countless photos, videos and parodies of the folding chair used by the older gentleman now simply known as "Unc" to ward off the foes.

Mah-E-Fah: In the movie Black Panther, the character M'Baku does a call and response. He is chanting “Maefa” (Mah-E-Fah) which means “Win them!. The tribe then replies “Ya” and He does a grunt “Huu” and the tribe repeats the grunt “Huu”.

The Riverboat Brawl Tee

Join us in celebrating the resilience of our community and commemorating a riveting slice of Montgomery history with the exclusive Riverboat Brawl T-Shirt Collection. Embrace the past, foster understanding, and wear a symbol of unity proudly. Get your piece of history today!

And oh yeah, btw... WEAR YOUR KROWN?!

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Place the end of the tape beside the collar at the top of the tee (Highest Point Shoulder). Pull the tape measure to the bottom of the shirt.

Place the end of the tape at the seam under the sleeve and pull the tape measure across the shirt to the seam under the opposite sleeve.