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Black-Owned Clothing Brand

Black Owned Clothing Brand Fashion Designer

Black Owned Clothing Brand

Onassis Krown is a Jacksonville black owned clothing brand and fashion designer. We wereΒ inspired by the ongoing plight of minorities seeking to improve their quality of life. This brand is NOT about race, division or separation. It is for ALL people who believe in ideals of equality, justice and empowerment. While those who feel victimized are most responsible to take the lead, true lasting change comes only when EVERYONE recognizes injustices in society.

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The aim is to provide a stylish fashion brand is to supportΒ the most underprivileged in society and create a place for dialogue, to share their experiences, business ventures, entrepreneurial pursuits, social organization events, charitable activities and educational tools. Our goal is to support our own! We hope to inspire and motivate people to change behaviors and begin to heal ourselves. We do not want to simply focus on our issues and challenges but to begin to provide solutions, support and the economics to make true lasting change!

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We know there is strength in numbers. We invite all people, young and old, who aspire towards greatness for themselves and those they love to get involved. If you are tired of many of the horrific stories in the news, if you’re tired of poverty, if you’re tired of ignorance and negative images, if you're tired of high incarceration rates, if you're tired of the stereotypes of drug dealers and gang bangers, if you’re tired of deprived neighborhoods then it’s time to rise as the Kings & Queens we are and were always meant to be!
The first step in this movement is personal responsibility. You must always seek to conduct yourself as a King or Queen would and should! In spite of the daunting circumstances of our reality, we will pledge to find ways to overcome all obstacles. We provide a platform for expression, frustration and movement on social ills but not for self-pity but for awareness.
We invite people to join us from all walks of life, civic groups, HBCU’s, fraternities & sororities, churches, professionals, businesses, athletes, entertainers, celebrities, moguls, non-profits and political organizations to contribute ideas and solutions to take control of our fates and live the lives we deserve!

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Our aim is to work hard to increase awareness but to keep it lighthearted and have fun as well! Check back regularly for upcoming workshops, events, seminars, conventions and vacation getaways. Please share and invite those who share our sentiment. Let's make this the largest group of its kind!


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