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Streetwear Fashion Brand

- Anyone can put together fabrics and materials to make clothing and jewelry. Here at Onassis Krown, we strive to stand for more! We aim to inspire and uplift individuals to become the best version of themselves. We achieve this goal through not just our products but our branding and community involvement. We provide uplifting clothing, footwear, jewelry, greek paraphernalia, seven pillars to success, transformational coaching, inspirational travel, motivational living as well as books to build confidence, self-esteem and knowledge. We are a "rags to riches" story; a story of overcoming and triumph! Our goal is to inspire the less-fortunate that by changing their mindsets, they can change their experiences and the world at large. We are a Black-owned clothing brand and part of the proceeds of all of our sales go to help victims of substance abuse and domestic violence. Our goal is to uplift and inspire communities to build Kings & Queens in body mind spirit. This is our mission! 

Our Lifestyle Brand Story

Streetwear Fashion Brand

Following in the footsteps of Ralph Lauren, a fellow Bronx-born native, Lateef created Onassis Krown in 2000 as one of his hip-hop aliases as a stage name that would evolve over two decades and culminate in 2020 to be a brand for those who have overcome disadvantage to create a better quality of life for themselves and seek to be a positive example for others! Lateef was blessed to see the birth of hip-hop while also enduring the crack epidemic. As many from humble beginnings know, it is easy to succumb to the streets. We provide streetwear designed to deliver a sense of pride and ambition to keep one's dignity in spite of environment and to always choose the higher path.

Our brand is for those who aspire for more and for those who have "made it" and want to reach back to help lift others over "the wall!" All of our products are made with the highest quality fabrics, beads, stones, crystals & materials. Our aim is to never be stereotypical and to give you streetwear that is truly inspirational which is what hip-hop was born out of and has been the secret to its enduring influence. We deliver unique items that not only look good but feel good. Our vibe is royal, majestic, exalted, entrepreneurial, adventurous, urban and yet classy!

Our Fashion Vision

Our vision is to be a complete provider of stylish fashion attire for men & women; those seeking a long-lasting, traditional style with an urban edge but without being overly faddish or a fly-by-night trend. We feel class never goes out of style! Our ultimate vision is for our wearers to understand that regardless of where you begin in life, it doesn't matter where you start but where you finish. We believe each and every man & woman is divinely created and as children of a Supreme Being, we are inherently "kings" and "queens" at birth. Our purpose to realize our true nature and to live in the image of the Most High.

Our Clothing Brand History

Onassis Krown was inspired by two figures; one real and one fictional. The "Onassis" comes from Aristotle Onassis who was once considered the richest man in the world. Onassis' rise to the pinnacle of fame and wealth was unlikely. He was born to a merchant family that lost everything in the aftermath of World War I. After relocating from Greece to Argentina as a virtual refugee, Onassis managed to enter the importing business and by the age of 25 had become a millionaire. He is the epitome of overcoming humble beginnings and showing that anyone can be successful. He later married Jackie Kennedy years after her late husband, President John F Kennedy, had been killed. They both were known for their luxurious sense of style & fashion!

The Krown comes from the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" played by Pierce Bronson (former James Bond). The character Thomas Crown was a wealthy billionaire with a strong fashion sense and swagger who was an adventure-seeker, business mogul and ladies man! He stole a priceless painting from an art museum and then returned it just for the challenge of it. Thus was born Onassis Krown spelled with a "K" to represent Knowledge & Kings and to give it an urban flair! This again is what hip-hop is about, we take elements from the world around us and remix it to make it something fresh and new and to tell a new story from it!

As a combination of these two figures, it is designed to inspire the wearer that anything in life is achievable but to remember to always have fun in the process of pursuing your dreams! "If you like the finer things in life... it's OK!" - Onassis Krown

Onassis Krown is a family member of LTW Holdings along with A.L.I.A.S. music on Spotify and SoundCloud, as well as the books - "Know Thyself" and "The Golden Egg" found on Amazon and all other book platforms. Be sure to check out "The Krown Affair" Podcast on YouTube, Anchor and our newsletter. Now we ask as well as tell you to... WEAR YOUR KROWN?!

* A portion of proceeds from all of your purchases goes towards causes near & dear to our hearts here at OK which are supporting those coping with substance abuse issues and helping those in domestic violence situations.