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Solar-Friendly Insurance Companies in Florida

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Florida Solar Panel Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carriers in FloridaΒ Who CoverΒ Solar Panels

Utilizing solar energy is an effective means of reducing your electricity expenses, diminishing your ecological footprint, and enhancing your property's value. However, the installation of solar panels on your roof introduces certain potential risks, such as damage caused by storms, fire, theft, or vandalism. To safeguard your solar system, it's crucial to ensure that it is adequately insured through a solar-friendly insurance carrier.

What Is a Solar-Friendly Insurance Provider? A solar-friendly insurance provider is one that acknowledges the advantages of solar energy and extends coverage for your solar system at a reasonable cost. Some insurance providers may not include solar panels in their coverage or may impose additional charges for such coverage. In some cases, they might only cover solar panels owned by you, not those leased or financed by a third party.

In contrast, a solar-friendly insurance provider will extend coverage to your solar system, regardless of how you acquired it, without exorbitant costs. They will also reimburse you for the replacement value of your solar system in the event of a loss, as opposed to its depreciated value. Furthermore, having solar panels on your roof won't lead to policy cancellations or increased premiums with such providers.

How to Identify a Solar-Friendly Insurance Provider in Florida? Identifying a solar-friendly insurance provider in Florida can be somewhat challenging, as not all providers are forthcoming about their policies and rates concerning solar systems. To secure the best coverage, you might need to conduct some research and compare quotes from different providers. If you're already insured, reaching out to your existing provider to inquire about their solar coverage is a prudent step. If your current provider is not solar-friendly, you might consider switching to a more suitable one.

To simplify your search, we have compiled a list of reputable insurance providers in Florida known for their solar-friendly policies, based on our experience and feedback from our clients. These providers offer comprehensive and cost-effective coverage for solar systems and exhibit a positive stance towards solar energy. Here are some of them, listed without any particular order:

  1. Tower Hill Insurance Group: With over 40 years of experience, Tower Hill is one of Florida's largest and most trusted insurance providers. They offer various home insurance products, including a solar endorsement that provides coverage for your solar system up to $10,000, with no deductible. It's also possible to increase this coverage limit for an additional premium. Tower Hill provides discounts for energy-efficient homes and hurricane-resistant features.

  2. Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company: Universal Property is one of Florida's fastest-growing insurance providers with over 800,000 customers. They offer a solar panel coverage option that covers your solar system up to $15,000, with a $500 deductible. This coverage limit can also be augmented for an additional premium. Universal Property extends discounts for energy-efficient homes and hurricane protection features.

  3. Florida Family Insurance: Florida Family Insurance demonstrates a favorable attitude towards homeowner-owned rooftop solar through its policies, ensuring that homeowners can safeguard their solar systems from potential risks.

  4. American Integrity Insurance: American Integrity Insurance has been endorsed by FlaSEIA member contractors as an insurance provider that supports homeowners with rooftop solar systems. They offer comprehensive coverage options that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of homeowners with solar installations.

  5. Florida Peninsula Insurance: Florida Peninsula Insurance recognizes the value and benefits of rooftop solar and offers insurance coverage that includes protection for solar panels. Their commitment to covering renewable energy investments provides homeowners with peace of mind.

  6. Typ Tap Insurance: Known for its favorable stance toward homeowner-owned rooftop solar systems, Typ Tap Insurance provides coverage options designed to address the needs of homeowners with solar installations, ensuring the protection of their investments.

  7. USAA: USAA, a renowned insurance provider, has been identified by FlaSEIA member contractors as being supportive of rooftop solar. While the extent of coverage may vary based on individual policies, USAA demonstrates an understanding of the importance of renewable energy and can offer insurance solutions for homeowners with solar systems.

  8. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation: As the state-run insurer in Florida, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is among the insurance providers that acknowledge the value of homeowner-owned rooftop solar. Their policies include coverage for solar panels, helping homeowners mitigate potential risks associated with their renewable energy investments.

  9. Sage Sure: Sage Sure is an insurance provider that offers coverage for solar panels in Florida, as stated on their website. They claim to provide flexible and affordable options for homeowners with solar systems, along with discounts for energy-efficient homes.

Why Choose Solar Energy Systems for Your Solar Installation? If you're in search of a reliable and experienced solar installation company in Florida, Solar Energy Systems is the ideal choice. We are a family-owned and operated business with over four decades of experience in the solar industry. We possess the necessary licenses, insurance, and certifications that meet the highest standards in the solar industry.

Our offerings include top-quality solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other components from leading brands such as LG, Panasonic, Enphase, Tesla, and more. We also provide flexible financing options tailored to your budget and preferences. Our services encompass free consultations, site assessments, design, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and warranty support for your solar system.

But don't just take our word for itβ€”explore the testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers. They have not only saved substantial amounts on their electricity bills but have also increased the value of their homes and reduced their environmental impact through solar adoption. You can also view examples of our completed projects and awards on our website.

Ready to Embrace Solar Energy? If you're ready to make the switch to solar energy or have any inquiries regarding solar energy, insurance, or other related matters, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to guide you every step of the way, from selecting the ideal solar system for your home to finding the most suitable solar-friendly insurance provider for your peace of mind.

Contact us today by calling (352) 612-0751 or filling out our Florida Solar Quote Online Form below to request a free quote. We will promptly respond and schedule a convenient time for a complimentary consultation.

Don't delay any furtherβ€”embrace solar energy today and experience the advantages of clean, renewable, and cost-effective energy for years to come. We eagerly anticipate your contact.

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