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The Top Streetwear Brands on the Rise

Posted by Onassis Krown on
Top Streetwear Brands by Onassis Krown

So what is streetwear? This can be a challenging question to answer as streetwear like all fashion is constantly evolving. Historically streetwear had mostly consisted of comfortable clothing that was suitable for street activities such as simply hanging out, walking around the city, perhaps skateboarding, dancing or otherwise. Yet depending upon which city streets or culture you come from streetwear may be very casual or in terms of hip-hop, extremely fashionable!

Hip-hop's influence on streetwear is undeniable. Since hip-hop was born from the streets and many of these pioneers were poor, hip-hop street fashion was designed to make the individual look good and feel good about themselves. Since many poor people were not in position to afford fancy homes or cars, the least they desired to do was to look good in their clothes.ย 

Hence hip-hop streetwear started with Lee denim jeans, adidas, nike, pumas, Levi's, silk shirts, kangols and evolved into rapper & record label owned clothing brands who desired to profit from the success of the hip-hop genre music. Now this urban streetwear has evolved any further to include many diverse cultures and backgrounds. Here is our list of the top 10 streetwear brands to look out for:

1. Onassis Krown - Of course we got to start with the King of the streetwear movement who seeks to combine inspirational styles, messaging and combinations designed to cater to those who had to overcome adversity! Onassis Krown's motto is "If you like the finer things in life... it's OK!" They encourage you to WEAR YOUR KROWN?! which is a play on instructing people to wear your natural "god given" crowns figuratively and literally in the sense of Onassis Krown while also asking the question of "where is your crown?" They feature signature styles of caps, t-shirts, hoodies, track suits & more!

2. 10.Deep -ย 10.Deepยฎ is an independent, street fashion brand founded in 1995. Springing out of the mix of niche musical and visual subcultures that fueled the New York / Tokyo / London streetwear scene of the 1990s. Founded and led byย Scott Sassoย since 1995, 10.Deepยฎ embodies the spirit of independence that has driven youth culture for decades. The name 10.Deepยฎ is both a reference to a group of 10 people, and the personal strength as expressed through one's 10 fingers. 10.Deep is you against the world.

3. Pegador -ย Quality streetwear designed in Germany. The journey started in 2018 with a vision. A vision to not only be established as a brand but most importantly as a lifestyle. A lifestyle that inspires, attracts & conveys positive vibes; especially in these extremely digital times. Our intention is to spread messages no matter whether in social or creative views. Our inspiring mission has reached many that share these values with us.

4. God is Dope -ย Shop stylish tees, hats, and hoodies today. A spiritual and religious clothing line that brings awareness toย Godย through fashion apparel and influence.ย God is Dope is a Christian based lifestyle brand. Our mission is to bring awareness to God in our own way through fashion.

5. Mauvais -ย MAUVAIS was conceived with a single goal: to create on-trend clothing with a high-end look and feel, but without the premium prices so everyone can enjoy the style and quality of a designer brand. In 2018, we started a key fashion trend with the creation of our signature Check Cropped Trousers.ย  They were an instant hit, and we havenโ€™t stopped innovating since. Our half-belt, slim-fit tapered trouser is another iconic style, designed to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

6. Wrldinvsn -ย WRLDINVSNย is a lifestyle brand created byย Nicholas Clarkย andย Marlon Watts. The mission of WRLDINVSN is to provide original design and branded fashion apparel foer urban youth, who feel stagnant and trapped by what their environment tells them they can and canโ€™t do.

7. A Cold Wall -ย Sam Ross launched A Cold Wall* in 2015 fuelled by a deep desire to represent Britainโ€™s street culture and working class. The brand was already worth over 12 million when he was just 29. The brilliant designer who grew up in a poor and segregated part of Northamptonshire succeeded in building a fashion empire in a matter of years. His parts are creative and intellectual.

8. Art of Homage -ย A Conversational Streetwear Brand about God. Namely, Jesus. Based in Texas. So what is the Art of Homage? It's a small design boutique focused on creating exclusive product geared toward inspiring others to be grateful on their road to excellence.

9. Actively Black -ย Aย Premium Athleisure Wear brand built to uplift and re-invest back into the Black community created by former professional basketball player Lanny Smith. This is a mission based brand with the goal to reinvest back into our communities and to improve the mental health and physical fitness of the black community.ย 

10. Bricks & Wood -ย Bricks & Wood is the brainchild ofย Kacey Lynch, a product of the Jungles of South Central and one of the brightest up-and-coming stars of streetwear today. So what does Bricks & Wood mean?ย I think that's helped me figure out the literal and figurative meaning of what Bricks & Wood is;ย it's having this balance, this foundation, starting from the bottom up and having stability with what you're doing.

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