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God's Chosen T-Shirt

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God's Chosen Shirt

"God's Chosen" T-Shirt is an inspirational tee in different colors with the slogan underneath the beautiful print "For those who place knowledge of self above all else... it's OK!" It has the official Onassis Krown signature on the front chest over the heart and the vertical, angel wings spinal cord logo on the back. If you don't see the Onassis Krown label on the inside then it's NOT official! 

Best Selling Spiritual T-Shirt

Now more than ever especially in light of the recent Kanye West and Kyrie Irving controversies, this shirt shows that we are ALL God's chosen. Regardless whether you are Jewish, Hebrew Israelite, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, this shirt is for all people of all races and nationalities. This shirt isn't about any particular faith, racial or religious group, it is about any god-loving person who places self-awareness and a personal relationship with the Creator first in their lives. This shirt is made of great cotton quality and bright, colorful graphics on the front and company logo on the back! 

Mood: God Bless

Tee for God's Chosen People

We believe "God's Chosen" are the Truth-Seekers of the world; those who believe in One universal Creator who created all men in His image and likeness. Those who look within will Know that they are the chosen and anyone who understand their body is their temple and the kingdom of God can only be found within are the chosen people! This is one of the best spiritual t-shirts of all time!

Place the end of the tape beside the collar at the top of the tee (Highest Point Shoulder). Pull the tape measure to the bottom of the shirt.

Place the end of the tape at the seam under the sleeve and pull the tape measure across the shirt to the seam under the opposite sleeve.

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