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Duval's Own Clothing Brand

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Duval's Own

Onassis Krown is bringing you the finest from Duval including streetwear, hip-hop fashion, urban clothing, greek paraphernalia, accessories, watches, jewelry, hoodies, tracksuits, footwear and more. No one is representing the City of Jacksonville like this brand headquartered in the greater Jacksonville metro area. We are Duval's Own!

Metro Jacksonville Based Clothing Brand

We are hitting Duval with the hottest fashion you'll find not just across the United States but worldwide. Onassis Krown is a "rags to riches" brand helping to build Kings & Queens in body mind spirit from those who started from the bottom. We are the world's most inspirational lifestyle brand proving to the world that no matter where you begin, you can get to anywhere you want to go! As Duval's Own, we taking over the city streets with our stylish fashion. If you like the finer things in life... it's OK! - Onassis Krown

The First Coast's Hottest Fashion

From the Beaches, to downtown Jacksonville, from the Northside River City Market to the Westside, from all the way down in St Augustine back up to St Johns and the Southside, Onassis Krown is the local clothing brand helping to put the city on the map. We expect to see massive growth in the great Metro Jacksonville area over the next 5-10 years as the first coast has some of the fastest growing counties in the nation!

Now that Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars are showing signs of promise, making it to the playoffs and exceeding expectations, we know the city will continue to thrive along with the downtown nightlife. Onassis Krown has its roots in hip-hop music and thus streetwear but we take it higher with self-improvement books, transformational coaching, inspirational travel and motivational living including The Krown Affair podcast and newsletter teaching financial wellness, holistic living and more. Likewise our clothing brand is leading the way to uplift, inspire and help you become the King or Queen of your own domain until you build your kingdom!