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Blue Sodalite Ajna Chakra Bead Bracelet


Blue Sodalite Bead Bracelet:

This bead bracelet has 10mm blue sodalite beads along with two gold hematite beads, silver center Bali bead, silver and hematite spacers along with a Ajna chakra charm or no pendant. According to ancient yoga teachings, the body has 7 main energy centers which process our emotions known as the chakras.

The word "chakra” means wheel or energy vortex. Each chakra resides in the astral spine extending from the base to the crown of the brain. From the base to the top the chakras are the Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna & Sahasrara.

Silver Ajna Chakra Charm Bracelet:

The ajna chakra is associated with light. As you work with ajna, you may want to see the third eye as access to a cosmic vision, illuminating everything as it is without the filter of your past, your expectations, or your judgment.

This energy center is associated with higher knowledge, the subtler aspects of sight, and intuition. The ajna chakra resides over the eyes and visual perception. We live in a visual culture and being able to see clearly with correct perception yourself and the world will help you manifest your best life.

As you work to open the ajna chakra, you can begin to see things as they actually are without the projection and color of ego. You become more in tune with your intuition. From there, you can begin to move toward the things you value in life more efficiently.

Blue & Gold Third Eye Chakra Charm Bracelet:

Also known as the third eye, star of the East, inner eye, dove descending from heaven, eye of Shiva, eye of intuition. The single eye of intuition and omnipresent perception at the Christ (Kutastha) center (ajna chakra) between the eyebrows.

The deeply meditating devotee beholds the spiritual eye as a ring of golden light encircling a sphere of opalescent blue, and at the center, a pentagonal white star. Microcosmically, these forms and colors epitomize, respectively, the vibratory realm of creation (Cosmic Nature, Holy Ghost); the Son or intelligence of God in creation (Christ Consciousness); and the vibrationless Spirit beyond all creation (God the Father). 

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