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Two Tone Krown Logo Embroidered Baseball Cap Snapback

$34.99 $40.00

Two-Tone Onassis Krown Signature Collection Baseball Cap Snapbacks
Choose your favorite color of our original, embroidered Onassis Krown snapback caps. All caps come with 3D puffed, embroidered Onassis Krown logo on front along with crown on top. The back of cap has flat embroidered Onassis Krown signature and the right side of cap features the OK icon logo!

This Classic Snapback has a traditional structured fit, a flat visor, and it's made from a premium wool blend. What's more, this classic gem hides a vivid accent — a green undervisor that gives the snapback a pop!

80% acrylic, 20% wool
Green Camo is 60% cotton, 40% polyester
Structured, 6-panel, high-profile
6 embroidered eyelets
Plastic snap closure
Green undervisor
Head circumference: 21⅝″–23⅝″ (54.9 cm–60 cm)

Select from:
Red & Gray
Red & Black
Red & Blue
Black & Pink
Black & Teal
Black & Gray
Silver & Black 
Heather Gray & Black
Heather Gray & Navy Blue

Here at Onassis Krown, we strive to stand for more! We aim to inspire and uplift individuals to become better people. We achieve this goal through not just our branding but our products. We provide clothing, jewelry as well as books to build confidence, self-esteem and knowledge. Our goal is to show people how to be more holistic and complete. By inspiring individuals to be better people, they become better examples for their loved ones and family. This then spreads to neighborhoods and communities and ultimately helps to build a better world! This is our mission!

Following in the footsteps of Ralph Lauren, a fellow Bronx born native, Lateef created Onassis Krown in 2000 to be a brand for those who have overcome struggle to create a better quality of life and seek higher achievement through a luxury lifestyle brand for clothing, fashion, jewelry, bracelets, malas & more! All of our products are made with the highest quality fabrics, beads, stones, crystals & materials! We provide high-quality items that are urban yet classy. We cater to those with a desire to establish a "royalty" mentality, the strong entrepreneurial spirit, adventure-seeking, go-getters, hustlers, grinders and swagged-out street kings & queens!

Our vision is to be a complete provider of mature fashion attire for men & women; those seeking a long-lasting, traditional style with an urban edge but without being faddish.

Onassis Krown was inspired by two figures; one real and one fictional. The "Onassis" comes from Aristotle Onassis who was once considered the richest man in the world and married Jackie Kennedy years after her late husband, President John F Kennedy, had passed. They both were known for their luxurious sense of style & fashion!

The other comes from the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" played by Pierce Bronson (former James Bond). The character Thomas Crown was a wealthy billionaire with a strong fashion sense and swagger who was an adventure-seeker, hustler and ladies man! He once stole a priceless painting and then returned it just for the fun/challenge of it.Thus was born Onassis Krown spelled with a "K" to represent the real, street-royal Kings and to give it an urban flair!

As a combination of these two figures, it is designed to inspire the wearer that anything in life is achievable but to remember to always have fun in the process of pursuing your dreams!