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Art of Homage | Black-Owned Christian Apparel Brand

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Art of Homage Christian Apparel

All About Art of Homage

Art of Homage is a black-owned Christian Apparel Brand. They have expanded and now own several other spin-off brands still primarily focused on different types of gear in christian apparel.

Here at Onassis Krown, we like giving flowers to businesses who deserve it. Art of Homage is a small to mid-size christian-based company operating primarily online as an e-commerce site. Art of Homage is a very active brand when it comes to social media, community involvement, discounting and offering promo codes.

Who Owns Art of Homage Christian Apparel

It was started by Channel Dixon. According to Channel in his own words:

A few years ago I hit rock bottom. I felt like there had to be more to life than the way I was living. From the outside in, everything looked great, but I was dying inside. Little did I know that God was in the middle of my chaos preparing me for something great.  

Art of Homage has a strong group of supporter and a mostly-positive mix of reviews. Art of Homage scores average compared to other brands in the christian websites, products & services industry, providing 1 e-commerce features to better serve its customers. More importantly though, they are two brothers who set a positive example in their communities and also educate other aspiring business owners and clothing brands.


Art of Homage, due to their success, created Entrebelievers. Entrebeliever helps new and struggling brands learn the processes and psychology behind getting consistent sales. You can buy individual courses or learn how to build a thriving online store by joining The Brand Builders Club. You'll get access to 13 Courses + a live webinar we host every 4-7 weeks. We've even participated in a few of their courses and some of their joint online coaching sessions along with WRLDINVSN.

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