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We Buy Black Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

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We Buy Black and Everything you need to know

All About We Buy Black

We Buy Black is an online marketplace for Black-owned product based businesses like black clothing brands, hygiene products, books, games, jewelry and more.Β We Buy Black is not only the largest online marketplace for Black owned product based businesses, it's a full-service agency offering business solutions from branding to marketing. Essentially, every Black Owned business our potential client, and although we're able to get your business in front of our following of over 1 million people, we first ensure your business is ready!


Who Started We Buy Black

Webuyblack.comΒ was created by Howard University Alumnus Shareef Abdul-Malik in 2015 after being inspired: β€œI was inspired by a common motif heard among all great black leaders, we need to do for self and allow the world the opportunity to buy directly from the Black community.” The site was launched for public purchases on June 19th 2015, which marked the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth.

History of We Buy Black

WeBuyBlack.com founderΒ Shareef Abdul-MalikΒ isn't just talking about it he is rallying the troops and looking to build Soul Food Markets. For those who are not familiar with Shareef Abdul-Malik, he founded WeBuyBlack.com back in 2015, which is basically Amazon for black businesses.

Shareef Abdul-MalikΒ Founder of WeBuyBlack.comΒ β€œDo-for-self” was a concept encouraged in Shareef Abdul-Malik’s community β€” so naturally, the Howard University graduate grewΒ up with entrepreneurial aspirations. In 2015, Abdul-Malik brought to life a genuine passion for helping his community by creating a first-of-its-kind online marketplace,Β WeBuyBlack.com.

He began buildingΒ the website while still in college. Just two years later, the online marketplace hasΒ become a hub for consumers and black-owned businesses to buy and sell products, from laundry detergent to toys. In August 2016, Abdul-Malik launched a successful crowd-funding campaign to add another much-needed dimension to the platform, serviced-based business.

To date, Abdul-Malik has helped over 1000 black-owned businesses list over 4,500 products for sale. Self-sustainability and financial independence motivated Abdul-Malik to launch WeBuyBlack.com, not only for his own entrepreneurial interests, but in the interests of his community as a whole.Β  β€œEvery day we wake up, we should not go to work for ourselves,” said Abdul-Malik. β€œInstead, we should go to work as if we must feed our whole community.”

Top 10 Reasons To Use We Buy Black

According to Shareef, these are the top 10 reasons to use We Buy Black:

1. A Social Cure: Currently in America, Black people have the highest rates for poverty, homelessness, joblessness, crime, and imprisonment. All of these metrics can be linked back to economic dependency and instability. Black-owned companies have a 90% rate of hiring of their own race higher than any other ethnic group. Therefore, the more successful businesses we have in our community, the more Black people will have steady work.

2. Were Black Owned:Β WeBuyBlack is a Black-owned company.

3. Business Development:Β From Amazon to Etsy and Ebay, there are many online marketplaces to shop from. However, WeBuyBlack is not just a marketplace, its also a business development and resource center. WeBuyBlack now offers monthly grants starting at $2,000, and we will continue to build and solidify partnerships with various nonprofit organizations and donors.

4. Representation:Β WeBuyBlack intentionally adds Black models throughout the site giving proper representation of the people the site serves.

5. Cross Sales:Β As a hub dedicated to Black-owned business, many vendors are discovered when customers are invited to shop on the site and discover items theyve never seen before.

6. Buy Black Conveniently:Β For years, the excuse for not shopping within the Black community has been well, I cant find them. That excuse is officially dead. Find everything you want and need by Black-owned businesses, online. Keep your money within the Black community to directly affect change.

7. A Generational Call:Β From Malcolm to Martin, practically every great Black leader has preached the need to participate in group economics. With access to technology making that goal easier than ever, lets make their visions a reality.

8. Black Children Matter:Β Building this foundation and network of Black business ownership will have a positive impact for generations to come.

9. Its Cheap:Β Now, if you compare WeBuyBlack to Etsy or Amazon, you'll find that these other platforms have slightly lower rates. But, what these other platforms do not have, is a budget set aside specifically to aid the Black community. WeBuyBlack, is not just a global marketplace facilitating sales all over the world, its also a movement. Just like Black Lives Matter, Black Dollars Matter too.

10. Its a Family Thing:Β Lets say you are in need of a car. Your new brother-in-law works at car dealership where he is paid by commission. All things being equal, would you purchase a car from another dealership where you do not know anyone that works there? Or would you buy from the dealership that your brother-in-law works for? Exactly! You chose your brother-in-law because not only will your family come down on you, but you know that the earnings he will make will help your sister and their children. Therefore, supportΒ webuyblack.com, we are your family!

We Buy Black Reviews

According to SiteJabber,Β We Buy Black has a consumer rating ofΒ 3.21 starsΒ from 7 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. We Buy Black ranksΒ 118thΒ amongΒ MarketplaceΒ sites.

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