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Using YouTube to Build Your Brand

Posted by Onassis Krown on
YouTube Wallpaper to Build Brand Awareness

YouTube is a Great Tool to Create Traffic

As a fashion brand, we've build a hugely successful business online and one of the tools we've used to achieve this goal is YouTube. If you want to drive hordes of targeted traffic to your website, then utilizing video sharing sites like YouTube is a good way to go. YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world and in the top 10 when it comes to monthly traffic.

A serious marketer or anyone who wants to drive traffic will want to include YouTube marketing in their arsenal. But first you must know the proper way to do this. We are going to examine it through the eyes of someone who is just beginning to utilize YouTube marketing. For the sake of this article were going to call this newcomer Alice.

YouTube is a Must to Build Your Company

The first thing Alice realized with YouTube marketing is that the popularity of her video was going to be determined by its quality.

Alice decided to use YouTube marketing thinking all she would have to do is throw up a few videos and she would be able to drive traffic to her website. She soon quickly realized that she was not getting the views she thought she would. She learned her videos would have to focus more on quality rather then quantity. When I say quality, I mean that her videos had to be made in an entertaining fashion or in educating fashion. As long as the videos follow one of these two criteria, her chance of success with YouTube marketing would increase.

The second thing Alice realized was that she could use off-line platforms like Windows Movie Maker to create videos or outsource the creation.

Alice knew that she wasn't a very technologically savvy person, but she was serious about using YouTube to market. But luckily for her she discovered she was able to use Windows Movie Maker, which came with her operating system to easily create videos. She soon learned though that this could take more time than she was willing to invest. So what was her solution? She discovered ways that video creation could be outsourced, even though it would cost a little money she discovered that the quality of videos created were excellent for YouTube marketing.

The third thing Alice learned was that her videos need not be promotional that all.

How to Make YouTube Videos to Grow Your Brand

When Alice discovered YouTube marketing she was under the impression that she would have to be very direct in her videos, she soon learned differently. With YouTube marketing she learned all she had to do was talk to a specific niche in a conversational tone. She simply had to create something that was entertaining and would leave an imprint on their mind. By adding the URL of a website to the beginning and end of the video she was able to draw curiosity and drive traffic to her website.

YouTube marketing can work in the same way for just about anyone so as long as they are willing to follow what Alice did, Alice knew that she had to create quality videos, she also knew she could use simple platforms such as Windows movie maker or outsource video creation, and she knew that her videos didn't have to be overly promotional. Alice also understood the importance of strategically placing her URL in the video.

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