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Earn Your Leisure Network

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Earn Your Leisure Network

All About Earn Your Leisure

Realizing there was a need to expand financial literacy education outside of the traditional classroom setting, Troy and his life-long friend Rashad Bilal came together to start an educational platform called Earn Your Leisure. They've grown this platform into a multimillion dollar brand that sells fashion merchandise, classes and events.

History of Earn Your Leisure

The Earn Your Leisure Network is a revolutionary network which gives rise to emerging and established content creators from the world of business, finance and entrepreneurship whose perspective, expertise and in-depth insight have been undervalued and overlooked.

At its core The Earn Your Leisure Networks ultimate purpose is to build as we climb as a community, highlighting collaboration over competition. The network currently features six shows, Market Mondays, Inside the Vault, Iinner Wealth, DreamNation, Rants and Gems Real Estate Podcast & 19 Keys.

Rashad Bilal

Rashad Bilal and Troy MillingsΒ are changing the game for the community. Together, they host the tremendously successful financial literacy podcast Earn Your Leisure. Apparently there is at least one other "behind the scenes" partner named Michael MacDonald (not to be confused with the singer and former bandmate of The Doobie Brothers.)

InΒ 2018, Rashad partnered with his lifelong friend Troy Millings to start an educational platform called Earn Your Leisure (EYL). Troy Millings was born in the home of Hip Hop, the South Bronx.

Rashad Bilal,Β a financial advisor, and Troy Millings, an educator, have quickly become the cultural kings of financial literacy. The dynamic duo from the Bronx is on a quest to provide access to financial knowledge that the Black community can use to effect real change.Β 

Troy Millings

Troy Millings is aΒ financial educator and co-host of the β€œEarn Your Leisure” podcast, which gives listeners insights into the financial aspects of the entertainment and sports industries. Previous podcast guests include Mark Cuban, Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade.

Earn Your Leisure has three Top 100 podcasts under its umbrella, including β€œEarn Your Leisure."Β The Earn Your Leisure Show has amassed over fifty million downloads and is consistently ranked in the Top 20 Business Podcasts in the United States, peaking at #1 on the Apple Podcast charts.

Earn Your Leisure has over 2 million followers across social media, and 900,000 YouTube subscribers. EYL hosts live events across the globe, which includes the biggest financial literacy festival in the world β€œInvest Fest”. Over 14,000 attended Invest Fest 2022, with keynote speakers including Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry.

Earn Your Leisure University

Earn Your Leisure also includes an online educational platform, β€œEYL University”. EYL University is an online interactive community that includes over 200+ archived webinars covering a range of business, finance, and entrepreneurial topics. EYL University has over 12,000 active members and is one of the fastest growing private business education communities in existence.

Earn Your Leisure Reviews

As with any financial literacy program that comes with a price tag, the first questions are typically "is it legit" or "is it a scam?" Well the answer to these two question are "yes" and "no" respectively. Yes, it is legit and, no, it's not a scam. That said, reviews can be mixed about whether subscribers think it is worth the money for their programs.

So for starters, Earn Your Leisure offers tons of free videos, podcasts and information. Of course they make money off of selling merchandise, entry fees for events and an annual or monthly subscription options for their university. What we know from experience is that the value is very subjective and based upon the individual.

If you join their university with very high expectations and thinking you're going to get some sort of "magic formula" for wealth then you may be disappointed. However, if you have realistic expectations and understand that these gentlemen aren't reinventing the wheel, they're simply repackaging information into palatable tidbits in easier to understand language for their audience then you can learn a great deal from them.

As with anything in life, what you get out of something is based on what you put into it. If you apply the knowledge and information and take strategic and specific actions with clearly defined goals then you can certainly improve your financial life through effort and work to truly "earn your leisure."

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